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Stephan Moccio


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Stephan Moccio on composing Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) [English version]
1 My Beloved Twin Flame...  
2 Lionheart  
3 Havana 1958  
4 Myrtle  
5 Castles In Spain  
6 Le vent et la jeunesse  
7 After Midnight  
8 Le Jardin de Monsieur Monet  
9 Esmé’s Waltz  
10 Alice's Wonderland  
11 The Past Is Never Gone  
12 Agape  
13 Halston  
14 Fireflies  
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After penning chart-topping hits for superstar artists like Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, and Celine Dion, Oscar-nominated and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Stephan Moccio has announced a joyous return to his roots on the piano. One of the most compelling writers in music today, Moccio possesses a rare power to express incredibly complex and nuanced emotions through melody alone, establishing himself as a handcrafting melodist with a "rare gift of delivering emotionally charged tales of love, loss and hope without words" (Billboard). In a musical career that's included seven hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, three Grammy nominations and an Oscar nod for co-writing The Weeknd's seven-times-platinum "Earned It," the classically trained virtuoso has announced his most extraordinary work to date. Due out October 15th on Decca Records, Lionheart affirms Moccio as a truly singular force who's redefining the possibilities of piano music, adding an entirely new urgency to the time-honored genre.

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