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Steve Nieve

Welcome to the Voice

Deutsche Grammophon

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Welcome to the Voice - Podcast
'We are the Wokers' from 'Welcome to the Voice', a work by Muriel Teodori and Steve Nieve
Elvis Costello, The Imposters - Magnificent Hurt (Official Video)


1 Prologue Of Dionysos  
2 Song Of the Ghost Of Carmen  
3 Grand Grand Freedom  
4 Unfailing Welcome To the Voice  
5 Song Of the Ghost Of Butterfly  
6 Song Of the Ghost Of Norma  
7 To Be Is Strong  
8 Perfume Song  
9 The Desire Of Dionysos  
10 Troublemaker  
11 Don't Touch Him  
12 Distanciation  
13 Happiness?  
14 Despair  
15 The Unlikely Duet  
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Composer, Steve Nieve and playwright, Muriel Teodori collaborate with his rock comrades Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt and Sting as well as opera stars Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sara Fulgoni, and Nathalie Manfrino, celebrating the voice's sensory, even extra-sensory power, in Welcome To the Voice. This modern opera aims to unite the black and white precision of classical writing with the color of chance and "happy accidents" associated with improvised music. The result is an exquisite and colorful body of work that opens a door to a new frontier in music. The creators of this "work about unlikely encounters" are composer Steve Nieve and librettist Muriel Teodori. Nieve, a classically trained pianist-composer from London, has been a fixture in Elvis Costello's bands since 1977. A solo musician in his own right, Nieve has worked with artists from David Bowie to Anne Sofie von Otter, while Teodori, with whom Nieve has shared his life for over a decade, is a psychoanalyst, author, filmmaker, and playwright.

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