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Steve Salett

First Landing

Release Date: July 13, 2023

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See Your Light Disappear
Pictures on the Table
1 Lost My Mind  
2 Heavy Shoulder  
3 First Landing  
4 Spun the Wheel  
5 Skipper on the Reef  
6 J_amore  
7 Little Ones  
8 Pictures on the Table  
9 See Your Light Disappear  
10 Simplify Us  
11 I for One  
12 Torn to Pieces  
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A “musician’s musician,” the New York City singer/songwriter, producer, and musical advisor has led a multifaceted career since the mid-1990s, playing in several bands, performing his own music as The Poison Tree, and forming music collectives that have been a sustaining creative center for many musicians and beyond. Salett also runs Reservoir Studios in Manhattan and the Saltmines studio complex in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and recently founded his own label, Historical Fiction Records.

But he’s never released music under his own name – until now. Released July 13, 2023, First Landing is Steve Salett’s long-awaited debut solo album, and one he had to own in every sense of the word.

“I’m excited to be fully connected to the music that I’m making and to basically say, This is who I am, and feel comfortable in that,” Salett says. “There is no band name or project name that’s going to help people make sense of it or connect to it faster than just having this fully be part of my identity. The only way that it makes sense is that it’s me.”

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