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Sultans of String's Christmas Caravan' rolls into N. Vancouver / North Shore News

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Christmas Caravan with the Sultans of String will be n North Vancouve at the North Shore Celtic Ensemble, Centennial Theatre, on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 7.  Bandleader and violinist Chris McKhool loves the musicianship. "The music is just so interesting," McKhool tells the North Shore News. "There's also definitely a virtuosity to a lot of the musicians who are playing prog rock, like if you've ever seen Keith Emerson play Hammond organ …"

The Sultans, who are rounded out by guitarists Kevin Laliberté and Eddie Paton, bass player Drew Birston and percussionist Rosendo Chendy Leon, will largely be taking the traditional part out of Christmas traditions playing cuts from - Christmas Caravan, which celebrates the season with original compositions, classic carols and audience favourites that have been reworked through the lens of world music. "I wanted to make an album that I could be proud of and that would maybe tell a different story than the Christmas music that we hear constantly in the malls – something that comes from the heart, something that's honest and something that reflects the diversity of our country and utilizes all the incredible musicians that we have here and abroad," says McKhool.

The Toronto-based band formed more than 10 years ago have partnered with the United Nations Agency for Refugees in Canada for its current run of shows, an organization that provides shelter, food, water and medical care assistance for refugees around the world.      READ THE FULL North Shore News ARTICLE