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Susan Palma-Nidel

Lisboa a Solta

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Foi Por Ela
1 Os Indios de meia Praia
2 Foi Por Ela
3 As Certezas do Meu Mais Brilhante
4 Velho Mondego
5 E Levantou-Se O Arraial
6 Cancao
7 Cancao com Lagrimas
8 A Morte Saui A Rua
9 Fado Lopes_Meditando
10 Meu Fado Meu
11 Maria Lisboa
12 Ao Longo de um Claro Rio de Agua Doce
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On the heels of a successful 30-year career as a revered classical flutist, circa 1999, Susan embarked on a mission to explore music that is virtually unknown outside its own, cloistered universe.  For decades, Susan has adored and been intrigued by the nuanced musical forms of Portugal (Fado being only one such form), and was astonished to learn that outside the country – even in most of the Lusofone world – Portuguese music is virtually unknown. 

In 2014 during a visit to Portugal, through friends, she made contact with some of the finest musicians in Lisboa and expanded her considerable knowledge of the music.  Susan experienced a musical epiphany as to how she could bring this incredible music to a wider, global audience.  This has been and remains the goal in this endeavor.

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