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Tamar-Kali - Shirley makes 'Bloody Disgusting: Top 10 Best Horror Soundtracks of 2020'

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The Terrifying Sounds of 2020: The Top 10 Best Horror Soundtracks of the Year.

Xanthe Pajarillo writes....It has been a tumultuous year for the music industry, but there was never a loss of resiliency or creativity. This year, the Lovecraft Country soundtrack made history by becoming the first-ever series scored by an online orchestra, with players from Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony and the Toronto Symphony recording solo in their respective areas. Composers worldwide followed suit, developing new ways to simulate live orchestras with clever engineering and mixing. As of late, there has been discussion about creating VR technology where musicians can play at the same time.

As we reflect on the wonderful horror films released in the past months, let us remember how their music deserves just as much recognition. Horror composers generated tracks that ranged from the profoundly powerful to the fun escapism we as listeners needed. Included in the list is Shirley - Composer: Tamar-Kali.

While Shirley is not a horror film in the traditional sense, its score breathes with dread and deserves a spot on the list. Centered around horror writer Shirley Jackson, the film takes on a surreal identity, and Tamar-Kali's touch is dreamy, haunting and provocative. Director Josephine Decker sent her the film's cut with temp music, aiming for a "fever dream" quality and a push to be daring. This music drips with magical realism and femininity, and it would be a worst of crimes to not expose yourself to it.

Favorite Tracks: A Not So Humble Request, "I Didn't Ask You To Behave," What a Writer Does, Shirley's Vision, Rose's Dream, Emissary / Captive Queen, Rose on Top, Possession, Baby

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