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Tan Dun

Buddha Passion

Decca Classics
Release Date: August 4, 2023

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1 Chant  
2 Little Prince  
3 Mantra  
4 Under the Bodhi Tree  
5 Equality  
6 Deer of Nine Colors  
7 Gratitude  
8 Betrayal  
9 Trees Wish to Be Still, yet the Wind Doesn't Let Go  
10 Karma  
11 Apsaras  
12 Father and Three Daughters  
13 My Dear Father  
14 Sacrifice  
15 Mantra of Nine  
16 A Body is a Bodhi Tree  
17 Is it the Wind or a Banner Moving, or is it My Soul  
18 Zen Dream  
19 A Solar Eclipse  
20 Silk Road An Invisible Road  
21 Home Lies so Far Away  
22 Love is Destined to Part  
23 Heart Sutra  
24 In No Time, I Shall Enter Nirvana  
25 All Creatures in the Universe  
26 The Other Side  
27 Buddha Was Man, Man Will Be Buddha  
28 One Last Question  
29 Nirvana  
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The world-premiere recording of Tan Dun’s Buddha Passion – an epic choral work which will also launch the Edinburgh International Festival this summer – is set for release on Friday 4 August.

Described by the New York Times as “a kind of rock star of the modern music scene”, the multi-award-winning composer and UNESCO Global Goodwill Ambassador conducts as he begins his recording partnership with Decca.

Tan Dun’s Buddha Passion is a captivating tale of wonder, truth and gentle but irresistible transformation. The monumental work involving massed choirs, large orchestra, six percussionists and an array of soloists including indigenous singers, traditional Chinese instruments and a dancing pipa player, is the first such ‘Passion’ on a Buddhist rather than Christian narrative.

Set at the foot of the Himalayas and inspired by Chinese and Sanskrit texts, the story follows a little prince as he finds enlightenment and becomes Buddha, meeting an array of characters before reaching Nirvana. The life-affirming score fuses the ancient wisdom of Buddhism with the musical tradition of JS Bach’s Passions, featuring hypnotic orchestral textures and Eastern vocal techniques.

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