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Derek Trucks gives his top 5 tips for guitarists / musicradar

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Grammy-award winning guitarist Derek Trucks displays a command of slide guitar styles running the gamut from blues to classic R&B and early rock & roll to classic jazz. Although blues players like Buddy Guy, Elmore James, and Duane Allman have been a strong influence on Trucks' slide guitar playing, so have pre-'70s jazz players like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Sun Ra. Trucks began playing guitar when he was nine, and shared stages and sat in with the likes of Buddy Guy and the Allman Brothers Band by the time he was 12. Trucks began his professional career playing with blues bands around his native Jacksonville, FL, and formed his own group in high school. Before the age of 20, Trucks had shared stages and jammed with Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, and Stephen Stills. The Derek Trucks Band, which has members ranging in age from their twenties to their forties, released their self-titled debut album in 1997 on Landslide Records. Out of the Madness followed in late 1998. Since then, they have released Joyful Noise (2002), Soul Serenade (2003), Live at Georgia Theatre (2004), and Songlines (2006). Their latest effort, Already Free (2009), won a GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

Trucks' gives musicradar readers his top 5 tips for guitarists on playing slide, on playing live and on playing his storytelling solos. READ musicradar TIPS