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Teodor Currentzis and MusicAeterna

Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro

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1 Le Nozze di Figaro: Sinfonia  
2 Five... Ten... twenty...  
3 What are you measuring  
4 If by chance Madame call you at night  
5 Or well; listen, and shut up!  
6 Lord Bravo!  
7 Mr. Contino If you want to dance  
8 Aspettaste And the day fixed for his wedding  
9 Revenge, revenge oh  
10 Still have not lost Everything  
11 Via, remains served, madam brilliant  
12 Should be 'there, old pedant  
13 I do not know what I am, what I do  
14 Oh, I am lost!  
15 Susanna, heaven save you  
16 What do I hear! soon go  
17 Basilio, Figaro tough track sprints  
18 Carefree girls scatter flowers  
19 Comedy What's this?  
20 Carefree girls scatter flowers  
21 Hurray!  
22 No more will you amorous butterfly  
23 Incline love some refreshment  
24 Come, dear Susanna  
25 How it grieves me, Susanna  
26 Ye who know what love is  
27 Bravo! what a beautiful voice!  
28 Come, kneel  
29 How many antics!  
30 Which news  
31 Susanna or via sorties  
32 So you do not open?  
33 Soon open Open  
34 Oh look the devil!  
35 Everything is as I left  
36 Exit henceforth Garzon ill-bred  
37 Lord, what is that amazing?  
38 Susanna, I'm: I miss my breath  
39 Gentlemen, I am already out of the players  
40 Know, Mr. Figaro  
41 Mr. Ah... Mr. ... What was your... then saran...  
42 You, sir, that you are right... I am confused, I am stunned  
43 Embarrassment What is this!  
44 Via fates core  
45 Heartless! because so far  
46 And because you were with me  
47 I've Already won your case!  
48 I'll See while I sigh  
49 The dispute is decided  
50 Recognize in this embrace  
51 Here, oh dear friend  
52 Let us go, we go, nice page  
53 Susanna does not come!  
54 Where are the good times  
55 I tell you, Mister  
56 Recount what I  
57 On the breeze... What a gentle zephyr  
58 Folded is the sheet  
59 Receive, oh mistress  
60 Such, Madame  
61 Behold the march, let's go  
62 Constant Lovers  
63 Yeah, the usual practice  
64 Visit friends! Constant Lovers...  
65 I mean I've lost  
66 Barbarina, what have you  
67 Soon warn Susanna  
68 The goat and the goat  
69 Missing in the pavilion  
70 In those 'years, where little val  
71 Everything is laid out  
72 Open a po'quegl'occhi  
73 Ma'am, she told me  
74 At last the moment  
75 Pray thee, come, do not delay  
76 The Wicked, and in that form mentia with me?  
77 Softly I will go more in  
78 The Party and at last the bold  
79 Everything is quiet and peaceful  
80 Peace, peace, my sweet darling  
81 People, people, weapons, weapons  
82 Countess forgiveness  
83 The day of torment  
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Almost one thousand miles east of Moscow, in the Russian city of Perm, the charismatic and provocative conductor Teodor Currentzis and MusicAeterna, the orchestra and choir he created, are recording Mozart's Da Ponte operas. These no-compromise studio recordings are the fruit of a unique way of living and working which Currentzis has established in this remote, formerly closed city, which was dedicated to arms manufacturing in Soviet times. 

In 2011, when invited meet the Artistic Director at Perm's opera house, Currentzis negotiated unheard-of conditions: unlimited rehearsal time; the freedom to schedule performances depending on the quality reached in rehearsals; and finally, the resources to explore with his musicians anything deemed necessary for a fuller understanding of the repertoire, from Baroque dance steps to 20th-century poetry and avant-garde cinema.

The orchestra and choir emphatically embrace a non-establishment attitude, constantly putting themselves in question and striving for perfection. As important as their musical prowess (many members are laureates of international competitions) is their willingness to 

undergo exceptional rigors to reach the shared artistic goals. Figaro was recorded in sessions of up to fourteen hours over eleven straight days and nights. It is an accepted part of these musicians' daily routine to spend a whole night of work and discussion about its progress at the opera house if necessary – or to devote a full rehearsal to shaping one single chord to perfection. Currentzis has tried to create an environment for those who search for what he calls "a real life in music." Since the founding of MusicAeterna, Currentzis and the ensemble have been awarded 4 Golden Masks – Russia's top performing arts award.

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