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Terence Blanchard

A Tale of God's Will

Blue Note

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Terence Blanchard: Requiem for Katrina
Terence Blanchard - Ashe - (A Requiem for Katrina)
Choices Webisode 1: Evolving | Terence Blanchard
Amplify with Lara Downes
“Breathless” - The Late Show’s Commercial Breakdown
1 Ghost Of Congo Square  
2 Levees  
3 Wading Through  
4 Ashe  
5 In Time Of Need  
6 Ghost Of Betsy  
7 The Water  
8 Mantra Intro  
9 Mantra  
10 Over There  
11 Ghost Of 1927  
12 Funeral Dirge  
13 Dear Mom  
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Terence Blanchard: A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina). The crucible of catastrophe impels creative expression. Since the turn of the century, this has taken shape in manifold ways, from artistic responses to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the war in Iraq to the pummeling of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is this latter calamity that informs Crescent City native son Terence Blanchard's impassioned song cycle, a 13-track emotional tour de force of anger, rage, compassion, melancholy and beauty. A Tale of God's Will, which features Blanchard's quintet-pianist Aaron Parks, saxophonist Brice Winston, bassist Derrick Hodge, drummer Kendrick Scott-as well as a 40-member string orchestra, is his third album for Blue Note Records.

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