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Terence Blanchard's 'Da 5 Bloods' score makes 'COLLIDER: Top 10 of 2020'

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The DA 5 BLOODS (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE) with music composed by six-time GRAMMY® Award-winning trumpeter and composer TERENCE BLANCHARD features music written for the Spike Lee film. The soundtrack was released on Milan Records. Collider's Adam Chitwood picked the score for COLLIDER's Top 10 list. Here's his review

If one word best summed up Spike Lee's Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods it'd probably be "confrontational." Right from the beginning, this film refuses to let the audience off the hook, forcing them to witness the horrors of the Vietnam War before experiencing a story of regret, trauma, and grief as told through the eyes of Vietnam vets in present day. Composer Terence Blanchard brilliantly toes the line between echoing the trauma these men are suffering and serving as kind of an elegy for an innocence that was lost during the war. His use of horn and drums amply gives off a "war movie" vibe, but there's a tragedy underlying the whole film that Blanchard elegantly unpacks as the story progresses.