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The Beyman Bros

Memories of Summer as a Child

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The Beyman Bros - Man of La Mantra
The Beyman Bros (with Christopher Guest) - Moon of Tunis


Moon Of Tunis
1 Tulong  
2 Man of La Mantra  
3 Moon of Tunis  
4 Memories of Summer as a Child  
5 Triad  
6 Shelter Island  
7 Hidden Passage  
8 Interlude  
9 Hartland  
10 The River Ebro  
11 Awakening  
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The Beyman Bros are a study in contrasts. Their music is born of brotherhood, although Nudgie, Doc, and CJ Beyman are, respectively, the unrelated trio of guitarist and composer David Nichtern; multi-instrumentalist, actor, writer, and filmmaker Christopher Guest; and keyboardist, producer, and composer CJ Vanston. Memories of Summer as a Child, their first album, is resonant with the echoes of their influences, and yet exists in its own musical universe. Their sound is meditative yet richly melodic, thoughtful yet imbued with an improvisational spark. Yet, as the album unfurls, any and all such contradictions are quickly rendered academic. Intertwining Nichtern's acoustic and electric guitars, Guest's mandolin, mandocello, clarinet, and occasional guitar, and Vanston's array of keyboard instruments (accordion, synth, acoustic and electric pianos), Memories of Summer as a Child presents eleven instrumental landscapes, powerfully widescreen in conception while remaining rooted in intimacy and life-long friendship.

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