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Thomas Stronen



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1 Bayou  
2 Pasha  
3 Duryea  
4 Nahla  
5 Varsha  
6 Eyre  
7 Dwyn  
8 Bayou II  
9 Como  
10 Chantara  
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A fresh and open music – delicate, space-conscious and adventurous – is shaped as drummer Thomas Strønen and pianist Ayumi Tanaka, previously heard together in the ensemble Time Is A Blind Guide, resurface in a trio with clarinettist/singer/percussionist Marthe Lea. 

The trio had been conceived primarily as an open-form rehearsal and sound research project, "drifting between elements of contemporary classical music, folk music, jazz, whatever we were inspired by. Sometimes the music was very quiet and minimalistic, and sometimes it was the opposite. Playing together generated some special experiences." 

That spontaneous spirit is reflected in the trio's debut recording. With the exception of the title piece, based on a traditional Norwegian tune, the music on Bayou was created collectively, in the moment, drawing upon the individual and shared histories of the musicians. The improvisations here are named for diverse waterways, rivers and lakes, as fitting metaphor for the glistening fluidity of the music, and also in acknowledgement of the recording location, in Lugano, Switzerland.

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