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Todd Mosby: Bio

"One of the most unique guitarist I have ever worked with" - Will Ackerman, Founder Windham Hill Records

Acclaimed Indian Jazz Guitarist Todd Mosby has created a new musical syntax integrating Indian classical music and Western music, encompassing elements from classical, folk, bluegrass and jazz. 

The result opens new frontiers with exciting new sounds and structures that transcend known genres of music.

A 2x Global Music awardee, Mosby's music is broadcast worldwide and has been nominated for numerous ZMR, Global Peace Song and One World Music awards. 

His 13 year study of classical North Indian music with his neighbor and guru-ji Ustadt Imrat Khan led to the development of acoustic and electric versions of the Imratguitar, a hybrid sitar-guitar bridge instrument for crossing musical platforms and cultures. 

He is the only guitarist ever admitted into the famed Imdad Khani Gharana of sitar musicians dating back 500 years to Tan-Sen and the Mogule courts. "The Imrat Guitar has allowed me develop a compositional style based on Classical North Indian raga and tradition bebop jazz."

Imrat Khan considers Mosby to be one of the few who have mastered the two great mountains of music; North Indian Raga music and Western music and is considered an excellent jazz guitarist by his peers and mentors Mike Stern and Gary Burton. 

Todd Mosby is a seeker and learner who believes in the transformative power of music, exploring a life of creative purposefulness, sharing knowledge and innovations along the way-in all his pursuits, that's his missive. 

Why not build an instrument? Why not be a guitar player and play Indian music? It was persistent curiosity and an unrelenting passion and drive to expand the creative process at all costs. "I needed to expand the limitations of the instrument in order to allow my concept to come thru. I compose music to share with others, musicians and audiences alike, so they might in turn express an emotional, heartfelt connection to their environment, personal well being and others."

Mosby has toured Performing Arts Centers across America such as Montalvo Arts, Kravis Center, Soka University, The Harris Center, Prius Hall, Polsky Theater to name a few. 

Currently: Todd's second Open Waters is due for release in August 1, 2019. In Ackerman's words, "This is the best set of recordings I have done in decades."

Education: MM Music Composition, BA Music Business, BS Business Administration, Professional Certifications Berklee College of Music, Imdad Khani Gharana Member, 

Private Studies Include: Mike Stern, Roland Jordan, Gary Burton, Imrat Khan to name a few. 


Orchestrations Premiered:

Eagle Mountain - Full Orchestra

Solstice - six variations for String Quartet 

Indigo Glow - Nonet for New Music Ensemble

Moon Suite - Nonet for New Music Ensemble


A 2x Global Music awardee, Mosby's music is broadcast worldwide and has been nominated for numerous ZMR, Global Peace Song and One World Music awards and has made the Grammy ballots and is a Grammy voter. 

As an MAAA Regional Touring Artist member and as a member of the Touring Performers In Missouri, funding is available for up to 50% of performance fees.

Mosby is eligible for funding up to 50% with three different music programs: 

Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble

Todd Mosby Acoustic Guitar

Will Ackerman The Gathering Four Guitars

Mosby tours performing Arts Centers across the US engaging captivated audiences through a well calculated musical arc. Wrapping each tune in its own special moment within its own special moment within each set, audiences are transformed from by the end of the evening, and left wanting more!

In 2017 he was a ZMR nominee with a top 10 Album of the year nomination.

Mosby's first Ackerman production On Eagle Mountain won many nominations, critical reviews and was broadcast worldwide. Open Waters, the second in a series of three is due to release August 1, 2019.

1 Gliding  
2 Across America  
3 Aether  
4 Earth & Sky  
5 Into Starlight  
6 Sylphs  
7 Between The Clouds  
8 Blue Horizons  
9 To The Sky  
10 Aerial Views  
11 Solo Flight  
12 Shining Lights  

If the music on guitarist and composer Todd Mosby's newest release, Aerial Views, seems to take flight and soar, that's not coincidental. From the time he was six years old, Mosby has been in love with flying-now, on this collection of a dozen towering tracks, he conveys that sensation through his music.

"I had early childhood experiences piloting my father's plane; he was a professional aviator," Mosby says, "and we spent a lot of time in the air, feeling a special freedom and independence whenever we took to the sky. As I grew older, that freedom evolved into an ever expanding musical and spiritual journey. Music became integral to my sense of centeredness, allowing my spirit to take flight through rhythm and melody. Practice was like a meditation and prayer, performance allowed my soul to soar. "

Crossover Media Projects with: Todd Mosby