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Todd Mosby

Aerial Views

MMG Records

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1 Gliding  
2 Across America  
3 Aether  
4 Earth & Sky  
5 Into Starlight  
6 Sylphs  
7 Between The Clouds  
8 Blue Horizons  
9 To The Sky  
10 Aerial Views  
11 Solo Flight  
12 Shining Lights  
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If the music on guitarist and composer Todd Mosby's newest release, Aerial Views, seems to take flight and soar, that's not coincidental. From the time he was six years old, Mosby has been in love with flying-now, on this collection of a dozen towering tracks, he conveys that sensation through his music.

"I had early childhood experiences piloting my father's plane; he was a professional aviator," Mosby says, "and we spent a lot of time in the air, feeling a special freedom and independence whenever we took to the sky. As I grew older, that freedom evolved into an ever expanding musical and spiritual journey. Music became integral to my sense of centeredness, allowing my spirit to take flight through rhythm and melody. Practice was like a meditation and prayer, performance allowed my soul to soar. "

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