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Tomson Highway

Cree Country

Release Date: March 25, 2022

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1 Keegi-Seep (This Morning)  
2 Kinoosao Eepee-Gasoot (Burnt Fish)  
3 Ooma Kaa-Pipook (When Its Winter)  
4 Thootin Kaana-Gamoot (When The Wind Sings)  
5 Athis Eesaa-Gee-Hitaan (Because I Love You)  
6 Saasay Tipi-Skow (It’s Alright Already)  
7 Taansi, Neechimoos (Hello, Darling)  
8 Keespin (If)  
9 Ateek Igwa Adele (Ateek And Adele)  
10 Kimaam-Toonee-Thimi-Tin (I’m Thinking Of You)  
11 Peesaa-Geehin Seemaak (Come And Love Me Right Now)  
12 Taat’wow Maana (Every Time)  
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Sung by the incomparable Patricia Cano, Cree Country is a stylish collection of 12 new country songs from one of Canada’s most prolific artistic innovators.  With a spectacular band including the very best of Canadian country players – Cree Country’s compelling tunes speak of real life, love, longing, devotion, our connection with nature, and the courage it takes to strive for your goals.  Produced by the award-winning John Alcorn – the virtuosity of each musician is given room to really shine, with backup vocals that recall The Jordanaires, the gospel quartet loved by Elvis.

Cree is an Indigenous language spoken by 100,000 North Americans.  Many of Canada’s most well-known place names are of Cree origin, including Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Chicoutimi, Québec, and Ottawa.  It’s a very rhythmic language that lends itself naturally to music-making – and particularly country!   Tomson recalls living in the Manitoba bush in the 1950’s and hanging a transistor radio high in the trees at night to hear country music waft north all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.  The joy of hearing that music is the inspiration behind these tunes.

“English is so hierarchical. In Cree, we don't have animate-inanimate comparisons between things. Animals have souls that are equal to ours. Rocks have souls, trees have souls. Trees are 'who,' not 'what.” – Tomson Highway.

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