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Song From MASH - A Tribute To Johnny Mandel

Ukamusic feat Naomi Louise Warne and Jeff Oster :

Song From MASH - A Tribute To Johnny Mandel

"Naomi didn't just study the music - she got to the insides of everything. She probably thought a lot like I did - like why did certain things sound a certain way? And what made them sound that way? It's very earnest work...to get to the inside of that kind of music...It's a hard way to express it, but this lady did it. There's a great deal of depth in what you do, and I respect that a lot."  Johnny Mandell

Ukamusic is a new century world music collective created by Naomi Louise Warne that is spontaneous & ever changing - from the band members, style of music, artwork & fashion. The latest project "The Songs Of Johnny Mandel" features Grammy winner Charles Neville on saxophone. This was their final collaboration before Charles passed in 2018.

The original band U-ka (meaning "brightness") was created by Australian singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Naomi Louise Warne in 1993 when she lived in New Orleans. The inspiration of this city & her collabo­ ration with the great jazz saxophonist Charles Neville (Neville Brothers) produced some fabulous live performances, including the New Orleans Jazz & Blues Festival, and the Live at Snug Harbor CD which was an offi­ cial entry in the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Charles Neville is best known as one of the legendary Neville Brothers in whose recordings Charle's signature Sax sound helps to insure his legacy as one of New Orleans most important musical sons. In addition to his decades with the Neville Brothers Charles has performed with other world class artists in­ cludingJohnny Ace, Little Walter,Jimmy Reed, Big Maybelle, BB King,James Brown, Bobby Blue Bland,Johnny Taylor, Clarence Carter, O.V. Wright and Ray Charles. Not ignoring his hometown he has also played saxophone behind Allen Toussaint, James Booker, Ernie K-Doe and Huey "piano" Smith.

Their last collaboration is an offering in 3 languages, English, French & Japanese that pays tribute to the genius ,power & magic of Johnny Mandel's songwriting featuring original arrangements & reworking of some of the most popular songs of the 20th Century including The Shadow of Your Smile, Emily, W here Do You Start, and the Theme from M*A*S*H.


The Songs ofJohnny Mandel

Produced by Naomi Louise Warne, Grammy nominated Craig Parker Adams, Grammy Winner Al Walser Recorded at Winslow Ct. Studio

Sound Engineer - Craig Parker Adams

Mixed by Grammy nominated Clif Norrell

Mastered by Grammy Winner the late Doug Sax, Assistant mastering engineer Jett Galindo Tenor Sax - Grammy Winner Charles Neville

Keys & Vocals - Naomi Louise Warne

Hammond B3 Grammy Winner - RAMIJaffee

Pedal Steel - Chris Lawrence

Drums & percussion - Grammy Nominated Butch Norton & David Raven

Bass- Mark London Sims