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Valentina Lisitsa

Scriabin - Nuances

Decca Records

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Interview Valentina Lisitsa
Interview with Valentina Lisitsa at Piano City Napoli 2019
1 Scriabin: Op.1, Waltz in F Minor  
2 Scriabin: Op.2,3 Pieces - II. Prelude  
3 Scriabin: WoO 3, Nocturne in Ab Major  
4 Scriabin: WoO 4, Scherzo in Eb Major  
5 Scriabin: WoO 5, Scherzo in Ab Major  
6 Scriabin: WoO 7, Waltz in G# Minor  
7 Scriabin: Anh 16, Klavierstucke in Bb Minor  
8 Scriabin: WoO 13, Fugue in F minor  
9 Scriabin: Op.2, 3 Pieces - III. Impromptu a la mazur  
10 Scriabin: WoO 16, Mazurka in F Major  
11 Scriabin: WoO 15, Mazurka in B minor  
12 Scriabin: WoO 20, Fugue in E Minor  
13 Scriabin: Op.9, For the Left Hand - No.2 Nocturne  
14 Scriabin: WoO 22, No. 12  
15 Scriabin: No.1 B Major  
16 Scriabin: No.2 F# Minor  
17 Scriabin: Op.18, Allegro de Concert  
18 Scriabin: Op.21, Polonaise  
19 Scriabin: Op.41, Poeme  
20 Scriabin: Op.46, Scherzo Op.59 2 Pieces  
21 Scriabin: No.1, Poeme  
22 Scriabin: Scriabin: 2. Allegretto  
23 Scriabin: Scriabin: 3. Molto Vivace  
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Valentina Lisitsa, who has a formidable track record when it comes to mining the works of left-field composers, turns her attention to Alexander Scriabin with her new release, Nuances. While Scriabin was dramatically pushing at musical boundaries by the end of his short life, his early works are suffused with a fresh innocence – this selection from his lesser-known piano repertoire reflects the striking stylistic differences that characterised his all too brief career. Marking the 100th anniversary of the composer's death in 1915 at the age of 43, Nuances will be released in October.

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