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Orbis Immersive Concert
Cours de harpe 101 / 101 Harp Lesson
Old Friends - Hommage / Simon&Garfunkel
Cours de harpe 102 / 102 Harp Lesson
1 Marjan Mozetich: El Dorado  
2 Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint I  
3 Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint II  
4 Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint III  
5 John Cage: In a Landscape  
6 Antoine Bareil: Castille 1382  
7 Gentle Giant: As Old as You're Young  
8 Frank Zappa: G-Spot Tornado  
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The title of Valérie Milot's seventh CD is both a nod to the circle of valued musical colleagues she has worked with over the years and a reference to the loop as a musical concept, a seemingly simple melodic or rhythmical motif that serves as both framework and source of inspiration. The disc features six complementary approaches, from John Cage's ethereal In a Landscape to Frank Zappa's turbulent G-Spot Tornado, not to mention the premiere of Antoine Bareil's Castille 1382, written especially for Milot. The recording also marks her 30th birthday, which she celebrates here with some long-standing musical partners and dear friends.

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SYND: Classical 24, Echoes, CBC, TRH
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD, Stingray
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Austin, Berkeley CA, Sacramento, Honolulu, Canada
Online: AccuRadio, Taintradio, Journeyscapes, One World Radio

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