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Vangelis - Rosetta - EPK
1 Origins (Arrival)  
2 Starstuff  
3 Infinitude  
4 Exo Genesis  
5 Celestial Whispers  
6 Albedo 0.06  
7 Sunlight  
8 Rosetta  
9 Philae's Descent  
10 Mission Accomplie (Rosetta's Waltz)  
11 Perihelion  
12 Elegy  
13 Return To The Void  
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Legendary composer and "peerless pioneer" (BBC) of electronic music, Vangelis, presents ‘Rosetta' a new album inspired by a 12-year space mission, to be released on Decca on September 23rd. This new recording is inspired by the Rosetta Mission, a trailblazing project by the European Space Agency (ESA) to land a probe on a comet for the first time in history. The release of the recording marks the culmination of the 12-year mission and is accompanied by incredible footage captured by the probe.

27 NEW  32 TOTAL
PRI/Echoes, SLOR
Direct: Stingray, world beat canada
Markets include: Los Angeles, Houston, Portland, Baltimore, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Rochester NY
INTER: Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Romania
Online: Musicas Imaginadas, Music To Heal the Heart,, Lost Frontier, Journeyscapes,, One World Radio, The Cosmic Island  

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