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Track Listing:

Sacred Ground
Can You Hear the Call
Mountain Song
Spirit Wind
Seeking Light
People Of Yesterday
Prayers In the Wind
Let Us Dance
Mother Earth

Various :

Sacred Ground - A Tribute to Mother Earth


Silver Wave Records is proud to release the most anticipated collection of Native American Music this year. SACRED GROUND - A Tribute to Mother Earth, an inspiring collection of ALL NEW RECORDINGS by GRAMMY winners Bill Miller and Primeaux & Mike, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Mirabal, Star Nayea, Walela, and Little Wolf Band. Producer Jim Wilson (Robbie Robertson, Walela, Little Wolf Band) has joined forces with the top stars of Native American music to create all new recordings of soul stirring songs that honor our Mother Earth. With traditional spirit and contemporary style these powerful voices call out for us to acknowledge and care for the Sacred Ground on which we live. The musicians include:

Bill Miller

Over the past three years, singer/songwriter Bill Miller has produced two amazing projects, SPIRIT RAIN and CEDAR DREAM SONGS that exemplify his artistry by blending the Native American and western folk/blues traditions in something wholly new. These are works of a man who knows first-hand life's keenest joys and sorrows, a man who distills experience into a potent musical style.

Robert Mirabal

Robert Mirabal is one of the leaders of the Native American musical renaissance. Mirabal's style is less commercial than many of his contemporaries, building his melodies on the rituals that have surrounded him all of his life at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, where he was born and still resides. "My culture doesn't allow me to record anything traditional," Mirabal said. "But my music is informed by the ceremonial music that I've heard all of my life. What I create comes out of my body and soul, in a desire to take care of the spirits of the earth."


JoanneShenandoah is a leading Native American singer and composer. She is a Wolf Clan member of the Oneida Nation Iroquois Confederacy. Her mother, Maisie Shenandoah, is a Wolf Clan mother (a position of leadership within the clan) for the Oneida Nation people who also sings and plays the guitar. Her late father, Clifford Shenandoah, was an Onondaga chief as well as a jazz guitarist. Music was commonplace in the Shenandoah family as Joanne was growing up. Joanne's father, an exceptional guitarist, held a deep affection for jazz and early rock'n'roll.


First American Singer, songwriter, recording artist/actress, Star Nayea is certainly no stranger to today's entertainment industry. At the Fourth Annual Native American Music Awards, 2001 Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Star Nayea brightly shone. As Star's highly acclaimed five song EP 'Somewhere in a Dream,' took home the award for "Best Independent Recording."

'Somewhere' has been receiving raves reviews across Indian country and in Canada since its release. In an experiment, 'Somewhere,' was placed into rotation on a variety of triple A radio stations in the Southwest. Three of the five singles, Down to Love, Fly, & If I want to... topped the charts at #1 and remained there for three consecutive weeks.


Pop singer/songwriter Rita Coolidge returned to her Native American roots in the eclectic vocal trio Walela, which also featured her sister Priscilla Coolidge and Priscilla's daughter Laura Satterfield. Walela's music drew not only on the trio's Cherokee heritage, but also on the gospel sounds of the Deep South, plus pop, country, folk, soul, and a touch of new age reflectiveness.

Verdell Primeaux of the Sioux and Johnny Mike

Verdell Primeaux of the Sioux and Johnny Mike of the Navajo perform peyote songs and other pieces of spiritual music from the Native American Church on their three albums, 1998's Gathering The Voices and Peyote Songs of the Native American Church and 1999's Live In Harmony, all released by Canyon Records.