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Erik Satie - Fragments

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: May 13, 2022

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1 TWO LANES Satie Pie`ces froides II. Danses de travers, 2. Passer Rework  
2 Henrik Schwarz - Satie Gymnope´dies n° 3 (Henrik Schwarz Rework)  
3 Monolink Gnossienne No1 (Nostalgia Remix)  
4 Christian Lo¨ffler - Satie Enfantillages pittoresques No_ 2, Berceuse (Christian Lo¨ffler Rework)  
5 SnorriHallgrimsson_AvantDernieresPensees_No1Idylle_m2448  
6 Pantha du Prince - Satie Gymnope´dies n° 3 (Pantha du Prince Rework)  
7 Grandbrothers - Satie Gnossienne n° 1 (Grandbrothers Rework)  
8 MoritzFassbender_SONNERIE  
9 Dominik Eulberg - Satie Gymnope´dies n° 1 (Dominik Eulberg Rework)  
10 FRENCH 79 - FRAGMENTS Gnossienne No_ 5 (FRENCH 79 Rework)  
11 Kid Francescoli - Satie Gnossienne n° 1 (Kid Francescoli Rework)ework)  
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DG’s new genre-bending series presents the work of classical pioneers reimagined by today’s electronic artists

Fragments celebrates music past and present by inviting some of today’s most innovative artists to rework the creations of earlier influential composers

Deutsche Grammophon introduces the genre-defying Fragments. What happens when some of the most groundbreaking creative talents on the electronic music scene are invited to reimagine works by a pioneer from the past' This intriguing new series holds the answers. Fragments will spotlight the music of a single composer, issuing twelve reworks as e-singles over a period of months, culminating in a full album release. At the heart of the series is a dynamic dialogue between past and present, tradition and innovation, creation and re-creation.

Fragments begins by focusing on the music of eccentric French genius Erik Satie, forefather of modern minimalism and an enduring influence almost a century after his death. The Satie series kicks off in style with a rework by Berlin-based duo TWO LANES, known for music rich in both acoustic and electronic elements.

“When we set out to find artists to work on Satie’s music, the idea was met with unanimous enthusiasm,” says Marc Fritsch, Director Special Projects at Deutsche Grammophon. “This has led to an original and eclectic collection of remixes and reworks. Fragments moves between different creative worlds – classical and electronic, online and offline, old and new. It brings together different artforms and gives musicians the opportunity to engage with timeless traditions of making music in ways that are sure to be surprising, stimulating and satisfying, just as Satie’s compositions were when they were new.”

Fragments celebrates the innovation of the contemporary electronic music scene and the openness of its artists to create collaborations with other artforms. The first volume in the series, scheduled for release today, reflects the breadth of Satie’s avant-garde artistic universe, which spanned everything from regular work as a cabaret pianist and commissions as a popular songwriter to creating atmospheric miniatures such as the Pièces froides, collaborating with Picasso, Cocteau and Diaghilev on the ballet Parade and writing one of the earliest film scores, for René Clair’s surrealist Entr’acte.

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