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1 Hirta  
2 Soay  
3 Boreray  
4 Dun  
5 Stac an Armin  
6 Stac Lee  
7 Levenish  
8 Stac Dona  
9 Soay (arr. Rebecca Dale)  
10 Stac Lee - ?Dawn? (arr. Craig Armstrong)  
11 Stac Lee - ?Dusk? (arr. Craig Armstrong)  
12 Stac Dona (arr. Christopher Duncan)  
13 Dun (Vocals: Julie Fowlis)  
14 Hirta (arr. James MacMillan)  

The Lost Songs of St. Kilda, an album of songs from a remote Scottish island kept alive by a man in a care home who performs on the album, has hit #1 on the iTunes and Amazon Classical chart, as well as reaching #9 on the Amazon overall charts in the US.  In connection with this project and for the first time ever, a concert has taken place on St Kilda – the deserted Scottish island dubbed ‘the Edge of the World'.  Internationally-renowned composer Sir James MacMillan performed the ‘Lost Songs of St Kilda' in front of a handful of people who endured an eight-hour boat trip from Skye to be there.  It is the first time music has been heard on St Kilda since its evacuation in 1930.