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myndstream Collection, Volume 1


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Michael Whalen - Always Returning
1 Blue Steel  
2 Song of the Firefly Harmonium  
3 Realize  
4 Parting of the Ways  
5 Sierra Dreamscape  
6 Garish  
7 Whispers of Hope  
8 and then there were no words  
9 The Sunflower Ghost  
10 Always Returning  
11 Circles  
12 Ambient 2  
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Storied rock, pop, film, and ambient artists, songwriters and composers assemble an unprecedented collection of electronic and instrumental tracks 

myndstream, the groundbreaking record label devoted to elevating mental and physical health through meditation, mindfulness, and movement, announces myndstream Collection, Volume 1, available at all major digital music services worldwide beginning September 24, 2021. 

myndstream invited the world's most forward-thinking, creatively conscious, and chart-topping artists-having amassed billions of streams across their culturally significant and iconic albums-to offer their personal musical answers to the question, "What does mindfulness sound like?" 

Hailing from all types of musical backgrounds-from wellness musicians and top film/TV composers to legendary rock and electronic performers and producers-these towering talents have come together for the first time.

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