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Red Hot + Bach

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Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Arioso
Julianna Barwick - Very Own
Shara Worden - Time Drinks Three Shots (From You Us We All)
Paul de Jong - Number Man
Rob Moose & Chris Thile - Minuet
Dustin O'Halloran & Victor Axelrod - Minim (Version)
Gary Bartz + Ron Carter - Cello Suite No. 1
King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm Feat. Pia Ercole - Ave Maria
1 Moose & Thile: Minuet
2 O'Halloran: Minim
3 Doi Todd: Jardim do Amor
4 Worden: Time Drinks Three Shots
5 DeJong: Number Man
6 Bogie & McMurry: The Watchmaker
7 Barwick: Very Own
8 Axelrod & O'Halloran: Minum
9 Moose & Thile: Courante
10 Ferguson: Arioso
11 Hope: Air
12 Carter & Bartz: Cello Suite #1
13 Britt: Ave Maria
14 Ommas: Concerto in G
15 Tristano & Craig: Ludepre
16 Mills + Kronos: Contrupunctus II
17 Sigurdsson: I Call to You
18 Richter: Contrupunctus I
19 Nooton: Weinen, Klagen, Zorgen, Zagen
20 Moose & Thile: Sarabande
21 Bischoff: Puffinsmilk
22 Wremble: Preludio XII
23 amiina: Passacaglia
24 Prefuse 73: Paul Jacobs Variations
25 Freidman: Ricercar a 11
26 De Clive Lowe: Gavotte
27 Quartet: Contrupunctus II
28 Carpenter: Violin Partita no.3
29 Kahane: Dear Goldberg
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Red Hot + Bach charts a new pathway into the musical universe of Johann Sebastian Bach. Through the collaboration of performers, producers, DJs and artists from around the world and across the spectrum of contemporary music, different facets of Bach's centuries-old masterpieces are transformed with fresh energy and modern virtuosity that know no limits. The creators of Red Hot + Bach embrace Bach as a living artistic force, as real and as vital today as he was when he lived (1685-1750). They range across nineteen freely imagined tracks from mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile (Nickel Creek, The Punch Brothers), singer/songwriters Gabriel Kahane and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), jazz legend Ron Carter, DJ/producer King Britt and the Icelandic band amiina, to imaginative classical artists such as the Kronos Quartet, composer Max Richter, violinist Daniel Hope and organ virtuoso Cameron Carpenter. 

13 NEW   64 TOTAL
SYND: NPR/Hearts Of Space, PRI/Echoes & Classical 24
Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, Austin, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Louisville, Berkeley CA
Online & Press:  Taintradio, MOJA, Bass Musician Magazine

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