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Rodgers & Hammerstein/Allegro

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Highlights from Rodgers & Hammerstein's ALLEGRO at Classic Stage Company
Rodgers & Hammerstein?s Allegro: Conversation and Performance
1 Overture  
2 Opening  
3 I Know It Can Happen Again  
4 Pudgy Legs  
5 Dialogue - One Foot, Other Foot  
6 Chorus - One Foot, Other Foot  
7 Children's Dance  
8 Grandmother's Deat  
9 Winters Go By  
10 Dialogue - Poor Joe  
11 Chorus - Poor Joe  
12 Diploma  
13 A Fellow Needs A Girl  
14 Freshmen Get Together  
15 Dream Sequence  
16 Pas de Deux  
17 End of College Dance  
18 Wildcats  
19 Jennie Reads Letter  
20 Scene of Professors  
21 So Far  
22 You Are Never Away  
23 You Are Never Away ( Encore )  
24 Dialogue - Poor Joe (Reprise)  
25 Chorus - Poor Joe (Reprise)  
26 Marjorie's Death  
27 What A Lovely Day For A Wedding!  
28 It May Be A Good Idea  
29 Finale Act I  
30 Entr'acte  
31 Opening Act II  
32 Money Isn't Everything  
33 Dance (Money Isn't Everything)  
34 Dialogue - Poor Joe (Second Reprise)  
35 Poor Joe (Second Reprise) Chorus  
36 You Are Never Away (Reprise)  
37 A Fellow Needs A Girl (Reprise)  
38 Yatata Chorus  
39 The Gentleman Is a Dope  
40 Dialogue - Allegro  
41 Allegro  
42 Allegro Ballet  
43 Come Home  
44 Finale Ultimo  
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The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization is thrilled to announce that the first complete recording of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Allegro on Sony Masterworks Broadway is produced by David Lai, Bruce Pomahac and Ted Chapin. A cast of stars from the worlds of Broadway and opera was assembled for this unprecedented studio recording. Featured on the CD are Patrick Wilson as Joe Taylor, Jr.; Nathan Gunn and Audra McDonald as Joe's parents; Marni Nixon as Joe's Grandma; Judy Kuhn as Beulah; Liz Callaway as Emily; Laura Benanti as Jennie; and Norbert Leo Butz as Joe's best friend, Charlie.

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Dial Global/Adult Standards, Music Of Your Life, Sixty Second CD
Markets include: Boston
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