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Schubert Die Freunde von Salamanka' w/ARV

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: February 16, 2024

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1 Overture. Allegro vivace  
2 No. 1, Introduction. The sun shines in golden rays  
3 No. 2, Aria. You are so happy and so free  
4 No. 3, Quartet. Tomorrow, when the rooster's call rings out  
5 No. 4, Aria. I sneak through the rooms alone  
6 No. 5, trio. Courage to live and fresh cooling  
7 No. 6, trio. Friend, how will this end?  
8 No. 7, final. The evening descends gently  
9 No. 8, Introduction. Leave aside all frivolous beings  
10 No. 9, song. Guerrillas move through fields and forests  
11 No. 11, duo. A brave animal, you must say  
12 No. 12, duo. Stored under the bright canopy of trees  
13 No. 13, Aria. Where I stay, where I go  
14 No. 14, duo. Of a thousand snake bites  
15 No. 15, romance. The sources are murmuring  
16 No. 16, trio. Niece, Don Diego there, is asking for your free hand  
17 No. 17, Aria. The beloved leaves sadly  
18 No. 18, final. Madam, I have the honor  
19 No. 1, Introduction. Hail, Sir Knight  
20 No. 2, Ensemble. Well done! Leave the fit fellows alone  
21 No. 4, Quintet. We congratulate!  
22 No. 5, Aria and Trio. Oh! It's nice to see foreign countries - but it's only half the joy  
23 No. 6, ensemble. A symbol on the blank sign  
24 No. 7, Aria. Honor gray hair  
25 No. 8, ensemble. So take it, you young hero  
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Of the ten stage compositions Schubert completed, only two were performed during his lifetime. And even today, his musico-dramatic works tend to be overshadowed by his songs, chamber music and symphonies. However, anyone who gets involved with Schubert's operas will discover an unknown world of musical treasures and wonders. In the opera fragment "Der Spiegelritter", the highly ambitious 14-year-old Schubert sends his knight Almador into a magical kingdom inhabited by magicians and enchanted princesses, and takes the libretto, originally intended as a parody, in a touchingly serious manner. While the opera seria of Christoph Willibald Gluck still resonates here, in "Die Freunde von Salamanka" we are musically immersed in the cheerful world of the German Singspiel: with the help of his friends, young Alonso ultimately succeeds in eliminating his noble rival for the beautiful and rich Countess Olivia.

The recording from the Schubertiade Hohenems in 1978 is now available for the first time on digital streaming and download portals. Singers such as Hermann Prey, Edith Mathis, Kurt Rydl and Robert Holl as well as the Chorus and Orchestra of the Austrian Radio, Vienna, conducted by Theodor Guschlbauer are a cast that Schubert could hardly have wished for better. The original LP artwork with an essay by Schubert editor Walther Dürr and the libretti in German and English are available to download from the Deutsche Grammophon website.

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