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Songs of the African Coast

Yarngo Music

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Nana Kru - Howard Hayes and Malinda Jackson Parker
The Greenwood Singers - Hold Me Tight
The Greenwood Singers - All Fo' You
1 Chicken Is Nice  
2 Nana Kru  
3 Bush Cow Milk  
4 Gbanawa  
5 Nothing But Leaves  
6 People! Go Mind Your Business  
7 Gbanawa (version 2)  
8 Jebe, Na Uhn Fa Sah  
9 Hold Me Tight  
10 Kokoleo-Ko  
11 All Fo' You  
12 Neither Do I Condemn Thee  
13 Thumba, O!  
14 Woman Sweeter Than Man  
15 Marry Me and Close De Door  
16 You Promised To Marry Me  
17 Nana Kru (Version 2)  
18 Bush Cow Milk (Version 2)  
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Songs of the African Coast: Cafe Music of Liberia, is a unique recording documenting 1940's Liberian music. Recorded and produced by the noted ethnomusicologist Arthur Alberts, who went on to release the landmark 78 rpm set Tribal, Folk and Cafe Music of West Africa, this mix of Calypso and early Jazz shows the intricate connections between African and American music. Many of these songs have not been heard in the United States since the original 1950 commercial release, and the collection includes extensive liner notes and never before seen photographs of the best known musicians from Liberia including: the blind Prof. Howard B. Hayes, Malinda Jackson Parker, and the Greenwood Singers. The importance of these recordings has been underscored by Martin Scorsese, and Mickey Hart among others.

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