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Track Listing:

Music of The Middle Ages
Music of the Renaissance
Baroque Vocal
Baroque Instrumental
The Classical Symphony
The Classical Concerto
A Trip to France
The Romantic Symphony
Cycles and Songs
The Virtuoso I
The Virtuoso II
The Romantic Cello
The Virtuoso III
Big Voice, Big Orchestra
Get Your Program
New Currents
A World Re-Arranged
Viva Espagna
Lasting Impressions
Points of View
Opera Orchestra
Opera Aria
Opera - Duets & Chorus

Various :

The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours

Please find enclosed a copy of the recent Deutsche Grammophon release, The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours. Amassed on 24 discs, this History takes the listener on a journey commencing with Chant from the Middle Ages, culminating in Philip Glass' minimalist masterpiece, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra – a 1,000 year romp through the music we all love!

The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours has been created for the listener who has had their first few dates with the classics and is contemplating a lifetime commitment. For them, Deutsche Grammophon has created this album that moves far beyond a collection of greatest hits. While the hits are included - one will find Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony - The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours includes other lesser known works such as string quartets by Bartok, Prokofiev and Shostakovich. Great music, yes. Greatest hits? Not yet!

The artistry heard in The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours is second to none. Deutsche Grammophon has chosen some of the biggest names from the classical world to ensure the listener will be hearing interpretations of the highest order. Martha Argerich in a set of solo piano works,  James Levine leading the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein conducting the Vienna Philharmonic and the Emerson String Quartet in those fore-mentioned quartets are just a few that will be heard.Famed  vocalists include Plácido Domingo, Bryn Terfel, El?na Garanča, Anne Sofie von Otter and many more.

To assist the listener on their journey, On this site are twenty-four 500 word essays corresponding to the 24 discs, translated texts to the majority of the vocal works and  audio samples to the music.

The set will retail for approximately $70, and Universal Music Classics would like to offer The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours to your station for use in your pledge drives to help assist in you achieving your funding goals. With your listener being able to explore the entire contents of the set on-line, we believe your audience will be enticed (dare we say tempted!) to contribute at a higher level.

We are also able to make a few copies of The History of Classical Music in 24 Hours available to your station for on-air promotional. Please contact me to arrange your promotional sets and to discuss purchasing sets for your pledge gifts.  

Wishing you all the best with your funding activities this coming season;