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William Susman

Music for Moving Pictures

Belarca Records

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1 Research - No Money 3:26  
2 Hospital 2:58  
3 When Medicine Main Title - Premonition 2:36  
4 Hinkley - Kenny Woe 2:40  
5 The First Meeting - State Office 2:40  
6 Full Humanity - Hundreds of Hours ? Capitol Hill 3:04  
7 If I Could do Anything - Steve 2:22  
8 Make Themselves Heard - From Childhood 2:07  
9 Friends Newsletters - Hoffmans 3:07  
10 Tell Your Mother - Committed - Kenny Murder 2:27  
11 Wonder - Oliphant - Tony Future 2:32  
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Grammy-nominated cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, vocalist / accordionist Mira Stroika and composer / pianist William Susman perform a blend of influences in these film scores seen on PBS Television, over 20 film festivals world-wide, museums in New York and San Francisco, and WINNER of the Tribeca Film Festival. Films during the Silent Era were called moving pictures. Live performance of the music helped provide a "narrative" and intensify the emotion. Setting the mood for these early films, a musician, often a pianist, performed live accompanying the projection of the film. In some of the larger picture houses an organist or orchestra played a score live-to-picture or improvised to pre-determined themes.

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