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William Susman

Quiet Rhythms Live at Spectrum NYC

Belarca Records
Release Date: October 16, 2023

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1 Quiet Rhythms No. 10  
2 Quiet Rhythms No. 3  
3 Quiet Rhythms No. 7  
4 Quiet Rhythms No. 4  
5 Quiet Rhythms No. 13  
6 Quiet Rhythms No. 1  
7 Quiet Rhythms No. 18  
8 Quiet Rhythms No. 16  
9 Quiet Rhythms No. 20  
10 Quiet Rhythms No. 21  
11 Quiet Rhythms No. 2  
12 Quiet Rhythms No. 5  
13 Quiet Rhythms No. 22  
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Quiet Rhythms is a piano cycle at once sprawling in scope and introspective in practice. Quiet Rhythms has the warmth and immediacy of a late-night improvisation—an artist following the melodies where they lead him. Quiet Rhythms brings together traditions Susman has spent a lifetime studying: the harmonic language of jazz, the rhythmic pulse of Latin music, the circling melodies of minimalism, the complex structures of medieval fugues, the ingenious simplicity of the American Popular Songbook.
Quiet Rhythms is united in its sense of quiet introspection, its lush pastel colors, its soft syncopations. The works are not harmonically loud, but they are dynamic. The pulse ebbs and flows: the music is at times delicate, reflective, even meditative—at other times fervent, urgent, and hypnotic. The music’s “quietness” then is less about volume than it is about connecting with the inner voice; listening in those fragile, delicate moments where quiet prevails.

As French musicologist David Sanson describes it: “a rarefied tightrope between vulnerability and sublimity. When I set out to perform a one-hour concert of selections from Books I and II at Spectrum in 2013, it was not my plan to record a live album. I did not revisit the recording of this concert until the summer of 2020 during the pandemic. After a 7-year hiatus, I liked what I heard and I am excited to share it.”

The album features thirteen selections from Books I and II. Quiet Rhythms 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, and 22 are world premiere recordings.

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