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After the Chaos

Universal Classics
Release Date: February 17, 2023

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Storm ft. KARÍTAS (Official Lyric Video)
1 Stay in the light ft. RAKEL  
2 as a human  
3 Alone ft. CeaseTone  
4 From Me To You  
5 Storm ft. KARÍTAS  
6 Brown rain  
7 Mercy through the Clouds  
8 Empty Room ft. Benny Sings - rework  
9 You don’t have to feel more pain  
10 Stay in the light ft. RAKEL (reprise)  
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Popular producer and trackmaker Yaffle's “Storm ft. KARÍTAS” from his new album “After the chaos” was pre-released today. The lyric video has also been released.

“Storm ft. KARÍTAS” features KARÍTAS, a singer/rapper from Daughters of Reykjavík. Written in the image of an Icelandic storm, it is guided by the concept that what is created for personal motivation will gradually be connected to social phenomenon.
The track listing for the album was also unveiled.  "After the chaos” will be released on Friday, February 17, 2023.

“After the chaos” includes collaborations with some of Iceland’s rising artists, such as CeaseTone, KARÍTAS, and RAKEL, as well as young artists at the forefront of classical music today, such as violinist Mayuko Ishigami and clarinetist  István Kohaan.  Among the ten tracks is a rework of "Empty Room ft. Benny Sings," featuring Dutch singer/songwriter Benny Sings from 2018, the first of Yaffle’s artist project.

“After the chaos” is a new post-classical project started by Yaffle, who has always valued classical music as his creative origin. It is an album of personal nostalgia and reflection with a universal message for the chaotic times of epidemics and wars. 
An album indispensable to the music of the turbulent 2020s is born.

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