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Yanni: Voices (2008) - Change [Chloe]
Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until The Last Moment) - Ender Thomas and Chloe (Yanni Voices 2008)
Yanni Interview Live 1/7
1 Unico Amore  
2 Kill Me With Your Love  
3 Change  
4 Ritual De Amor  
5 Before the Night Ends  
6 Amare Di Nuovo  
7 Mi Todo Eres Tu  
8 The Keeper  
9 Nei Tuoi Occhi  
10 Bajo El Cielo De Noviembre  
11 Omaggio  
12 Tour Highlights  
13 Mi Todo Eres Tu  
14 Ritual De Amor  
15 Moments Without Time  
16 Nei Tuoi Occhi  
17 Amare Di Nuovo  
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Go back and listen again to Yanni's melodies, composed over an incomparable 30+ year career, and it becomes clear. The man's music was meant to be sung. Revered for his sweeping symphonic pieces, intimate keyboard airs and unforgettable musical themes, Yanni long resisted having vocalists reinterpret his music with lyrics. That is, until now with his premiere Disney Pearl album, Yanni Voices. More than two years in the making, "Voices" is without question Yanni's most ambitious project yet. Teaming up with GRAMMY and Academy Award-winning producer Ric Wake, Yanni took on a mentoring role for this project, discovering and producing four young singers, Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills and Chloe. Pairing their vocal talents with his compositions, old and new, Yanni encouraged the four singers to write lyrics for the melodies that moved them most. It proved a winning gamble.

48 Total
CBC, Sixty Second CD, Harmonic Lounge
Markets include: Philadelphia, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Long Is. NY, Phoenix, Honolulu, Berkeley CA, Indianapolis, Canada
Online: Humboldt 101, Dr. Music, Are You On Something?, Inquire Within
International: Canada, Spain

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