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Yannick Nezet-Seguin

Bernstein Mass

Deutsche Grammophon

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Kristjan Jarvi and Jubilant Sykes on Bernstein MASS
Yannick Nezet-Seguin on Programming Philadelphia Orchestra Concerts
Tchaikovsky: Fantasy-Overture 'Romeo and Juliet' (Yannick Nezet-Seguin)
1 Devotions Before Mass - Antiphon: Kyrie Eleison  
2 Devotions Before Mass - Hymn And Psalm: 'A Simple Song'  
3 Devotions Before Mass - Responsory: Alleluia  
4 First Introit (Rondo) - Prefatory Prayers  
5 First Introit (Rondo) - Thrice - Triple Canon: Dominum vobiscum  
6 Second Introit - In Nomine Patris  
7 Second Introit - Prayer For The Congregation (Chorale: 'Almighty Father')  
8 Second Introit - Epiphany  
9 Confession - Confiteor  
10 Confession - Trope: 'I Don't Know'  
11 Confession - Trope: 'Easy'  
12 Meditation #1  
13 Gloria - Gloria Tibi  
14 Gloria - Gloria In Excelsis  
15 Gloria - Trope: 'Half Of The People'  
16 Gloria - Trope: 'Thank You'  
17 Meditation #2  
18 Epistle: 'The Word Of The Lord'  
19 Gospel-Sermon: 'God Said'  
20 X Credo - Credo In Unum Deum  
21 X Credo - Trope: 'Non Credo'  
22 X Credo - Trope: 'Hurry'  
23 X Credo - Trope: 'World Without End'  
24 X Credo - Trope: 'I Believe In God'  
25 Meditation #3 (De Profundis, Part 1)  
26 Offertory (De Profundis, Part 2  
27 The Lord's Prayer - 'Our Father...'  
28 The Lord's Prayer - Trope: 'I Go On'  
29 Sanctus  
30 Agnus Dei  
31 Fraction: 'Things Get Broken'  
32 Pax: Communion ('Secret Songs')  
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Commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for the inauguration of the Kennedy Center in 1971, Bernstein's Mass draws from religious and secular genres as well as the tumultuous ‘60s. Requiring two orchestras, a rock band, a marching band, multiple choirs and musical singers, Mass is rarely performed and even more rarely recorded. Recorded live by the Philadelphia Orchestra and several American ensembles under the baton of Yannick Nézet-Séguin, this album is DG's first Mass in its vast catalog.

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