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non e la fine

Universal Music - Korea
Release Date: May 12, 2023

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1 when it snows in May  
2 la bianca primavera  
3 la fine  
4 la primavera  
5 non è la fine  
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The new EP non è la fine of renown pianist and composer Yiruma is due to be released by Universal Music after two years since his 20th debut anniversary projects The Rewritten Memories and SOLO. It’s also a release consisting of completely new works for the first time since Room with a View (2020).

The title of the album and the first single ‘non è la fine’ released on April 14th comes from a sense of endlessness and hope found from it. “Writing ‘non è la fine’, the purpose was to empty out. I wanted to create an incomplete piece, where endless arpeggio feels like the main melody” says Yiruma. “The music came to mind in a moment when ‘end-less’ felt more hopeful than the term ‘eternal’. When there is an ‘end’ we prepare and wait for a certain moment and during that time it gives room for some kind of hope” he adds.

Another song ‘la bianca primavera’ is a piano and cello duo piece depicting a moment of season, moving on from winter to spring with snowing cherry blossom petals. The cello part gives the impression of leaving traces across the piano sound as if winter passes by the warm spring earth.

“They may seem unfinished but becomes complete when it’s filled with the listener’s emotion and stories” says Yiruma, wishing the music can be sometimes consolation, sometimes hope and inspiration to the audience.

Along with the release, Yiruma will be back on international concert tours beginning with Singapore in April 2023 and an Australian tour including Sydney Opera House later in the year.

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