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Yocontalie Jackson w/The Jennifer Tibbelts Singers

Kwanzaa's Pure Light

Release Date: November 11, 2023

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1 Kwanzaa’s Pure Light  

“Kwanzaa’s Pure Light” features multi-award-winning artists whose own works come from Afrobeat, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Musical Theater, and Classical Choral Music. A melting pot of such styles makes “Kwanzaa’s Pure Light” a delectable musical gumbo that purposely defies labels. Think of a rousing production number that keeps “pulling out the stops!”

Written specifically for kids’ choirs to perform at their holiday concerts, “Kwanzaa’s Pure Light” is for every child, everywhere, every holiday season!  For youngsters who celebrate Kwanzaa, it’s the perfect addition to any holiday festivity.  For youngsters who are learning about Kwanzaa for the first time, it’s the perfect way to celebrate with those who do.   

The Award-Winning Artists of "Kwanzaa's Pure Light" are proud to have their song included with the many fine artists and outstanding youth choirs from around the world.....all of whom gladly shared their talents to create this spectacular album to help children everywhere. 

 (The Story Behind the Making of “Kwanzaa’s Pure Light”) - A Producer’s Note

When I was growing up, I loved singing in the school choir. I was always eager to rehearse new, zippy arrangements and perform on stage.   (OK.... missing class was a plus, too!)

Still, come the holiday season, I had a recurring complaint.  The program always included a terrific selection for Christmas (classic carols and fabulous tunes from the Great American Songbook), but the one and only song for Hanukkah was “I Have a Little Dreidel,” a short ditty, toddlers learn in Nursery School.  This single, very juvenile song made Hanukkah seem insignificant.  That really bothered me. It’s no accident my sister, Gail, and I wrote an entire Hanukkah musical (The Odd Potato)  with a Broadway-style score  (eventually recorded by 20 Tony Award Winners) that now fills the airways around the world every holiday season! 

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