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Yuja Wang

The American Project

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: March 24, 2023

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Yuja Wang, World-Class Pianist | British Vogue & Rolex
1 Tilson Thomas: You Come Here Often? 04:34  
2 Teddy Abrams: Piano Concerto: I. Overture. Swing 02:25  
3 Piano Concerto: II. Cadenza I 05:30  
4 Piano Concerto: III. Exposition 02:40  
5 Piano Concerto: IV. Orchestra Break 00:47  
6 Piano Concerto: V. Exploration 04:56  
7 Piano Concerto: VI. Cadenza II 04:51  
8 Piano Concerto: VII. Relaxed 02:30  
9 Piano Concerto: VIII. Solos 05:13  
10 Piano Concerto: IX. Cadenza III 03:39  
11 Piano Concerto: X. Return. Swing 02:11  
12 Piano Concerto: XI. Cadenza IV & Coda 02:44  
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Yuja Wang gives a dazzling solo performance in the world premiere recording of a major new work specially written for her by her friend Teddy Abrams. Although originally conceived as a short companion composition to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Abrams’ Piano Concerto blossomed to become a 35-minute standalone showpiece. Celebrating the richness of America’s musical culture and the sheer depth and breadth of Yuja Wang’s virtuosity, the work now features on Yuja Wang · The American Project. Also included on the album is You Come Here Often?, created for the star pianist by another close friend, Michael Tilson Thomas. Both were recorded live with the Louisville Orchestra, conducted by Abrams, its Music Director. Yuja Wang · The American Project is set for digital and physical release by Deutsche Grammophon today.

Teddy Abrams and Yuja Wang met during their student days at Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute of Music, one of the world’s leading conservatoires. The highly versatile Abrams – pianist, clarinettist, composer and conductor – and the then rising-star pianist became friends at the time, after he volunteered to accompany her in piano-only play-throughs of the standard concerto repertoire. Following his appointment as Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra in 2014, he began writing large-scale works for its musicians. “It was,” he recalls, “the beginning of a really special relationship that we have retained to this day.”

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