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Zoe Ackah

This Hen

Release Date: May 31, 2023

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1 I Miss You (But My Aim is Getting Better)  
2 What's a Little Fire?  
3 Gotta Stop Loving You (But I Can't)  
4 This Hen (Is Starting to Hate Men)  
5 Let Somebody Love You (Feat. John Borra)  
6 Just a Trickle, Just a Nickel  
7 I Wanna Be Your Fool  
8 Pack Up All My Cares and Woes  
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Singer-Songwriter Zoe Ackah (pronounced Zow-ee Ah-kah) releases her sophomore album This Hen, and announces her Toronto album release show on May 31st at The Cameron House with special guests Katey Morley and Steve York. This Hen is a collection of 8 original songs - steeped in classic country - written and produced by Zoe, including the brand-new single "This Hen (Is Starting To Hate Men)". "Not all men, not individual men, just men as a collective body,” Zoe explains. Sure to draw the ire of 50% of the world’s roosters, this song is an interrogation of the patriarchy, sung from the perspective of a chicken from the familiarity of her coop. A banger of a tune, with all the cluckin’ and pluckin’ you’d imagine from a song made inside the barnyard that is a mother’s daily life. Listen & buy the new album here.

The album also features the catchy lead single "Gotta Stop Loving You (But I Can't)" - a song that tells a very familiar tale of self-inflicted heartbreak, "I Miss You (But My Aim is Getting Better)" - a quirky old-fashioned ballad inspired by corny punchlines from Zoe’s Grandfather’s personal writings, discovered after his death, and "Just A Trickle, Just A Nickel" - a Country tune with a Reggae twist that considers the lives of homeless women. The album includes a duet with John Borra called "Let Somebody Love You". The album features an A-list of Toronto musicians including Kevin Breit, Ian de Souza, Rebecca Hennessy, and Davide Di Renzo. 

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