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Cedille Records

The Chicago Classical Recording Foundation is a publicly-supported, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization devoted to promoting the finest musicians, ensembles, and composers in the Chicago area through the production of audiophile-quality recordings on the Cedille Records label. The recordings and their promotion are designed to stimulate interest in these performers and composers and bring their artistry to a wider audience. The Foundation is also dedicated to promoting interest in neglected areas of the classical repertory by presenting masterpieces that have been overlooked by other recording companies.

As a Foundation whose mission is the preservation of Chicago's classical music heritage, we serve as an advocate for musicians, ensembles, and composers seeking to make an impact and career in the classical music world. As commercial recording companies have pulled back from the classical marketplace, many classical artists have been left without a voice in the recording industry. Since 1989, Cedille Records has provided an essential link between some of Chicago's finest composers and musicians and music-loving audiences around the world.

Chicago is a cosmopolitan city with an abundance of outstanding musicians and musical organizations. Beyond its world-renowned symphony orchestra and opera company are many outstanding soloists and small and mid-sized presenting and performing groups through which Chicago has attained its well deserved status as one of the world's major musical centers. Creating a high-quality, recorded legacy of this resonant source of musical talent is important both for posterity and to enable local artists to reach a much wider contemporary audience than is possible through live performance. Cedille Records was founded to address this need, focusing on underexposed local artists and unjustly neglected classical repertory.

Cedille provides a valuable service to the Chicago musical community by exhibiting superb local performers and composers whose efforts might otherwise go undocumented due to the harsh economic realities of the commercial marketplace for classical recordings. All contributions to The Chicago Classical Recording Foundation are fully tax deductible and are gratefully acknowledged in writing. Please ask your employer about matching contributions.

Crossover Media Projects:
Rachel Barton Pine : VC by Black Composers Through the Centuries
Rachel Barton Pine : Clement & Beethoven Violin Concerto
Rachel Barton Pine : Capricho Latino
Third Coast Percussion, Devonte Hynes : Fields
Sharon Isbin, Pacifica Quartet : Souvenirs of Spain and Italy
Black Oak Ensemble : Silenced Voices
Demarre & Anthony McGill : Winged Creatures, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra
Trio Settecento : A German Bouquet
WarnerNuzova : Russian Music for Cello & Piano