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Entertainment One's goal is to become the world's leading independent content ownership and distribution business through organic growth and acquisitions.

The group's strategy is to acquire established businesses in English-speaking and European markets as well as grow organically through the acquisition of film content and the production of TV programmes.

The international film and TV distribution industry provides excellent opportunities for consolidating a network of independent distributors in different territories around the world to create a business with the scale to offer film producers an alternative to the major studios. Becoming a more attractive partner to film producers will in turn allow the group to access more film content.

Greater scale will also improve the group's ability to negotiate increased revenues and reduced costs through supply-side efficiencies, in particular lowering print and advertising expenditure.

Demand for filmed entertainment continues to grow as digital offers new opportunities for consumers to enjoy content via mobile and internet channels. The market study released by Oliver & Ohlbaum, forecasts strong market growth, with global revenues increasing to $115bn in 2012* (Source: From Middlemen to Mini Majors, Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates, Oct 2007.)

Crossover Media Projects:
Lauren Kinhan : Avalon
Jesse Cook : The Blue Guitar Sessions
Time for Three : 3 Fervent Travelers
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones : Rocket Science
Bela Fleck | Zakir Hussain | Edgar Meyer : The Melody of Rhythm
Jesse Cook : Beyond Borders
Paris Combo : Tako Tsubo
Daniela Mercury : Virtual Vinyl
Anne Akiko Meyers : Serenade - The Love Album
Jesse Cook : One World
Anne Akiko Meyers : The American Masters
Anne Akiko Meyers : The Four Seasons: The Vivaldi Album
Imani Winds : Terra Incognita
Regina Carter : Reverse Thread
Jesse Cook : The Rumba Foundation
Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell : Lagrimas Mexicanas
Anne Akiko Meyers : Air: The Bach Album
Anne Akiko Meyers : Seasons...Dreams
Anne Akiko Meyers : Smile
Jimmy Webb : Just Across The River
Paris Combo : 5
Michael Daugherty : Letters from Lincoln
The Five Browns : In Hollywood
The Jolly Boys : Great Expectation
The Bad Plus : Made Possible
The Bad Plus : Never Stop
Gregoire Maret : Self-Titled
Charles Curtis : Bach: An Imaginary Dance
Bob Belden/Various : Miles Espanol
Bob James & Keiko Matsui : Altair & Vega
Various : Red Hot + Rio 2
Robin McKelle : Mess Around
Jade Simmons : Revolutionary Rhythm